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Set of 2 elements of protection against the harmful effects of radiation generated by computer monitors or TV.

. 1 pulsed electromagnetic radiation (REMP) screens through absolutely everything: walls, lead, human body, screen filters, etc..

Graph showing the double bubble rayonnements2. A screen up to 8 times its diagonal, most strongly in a cone of 110 ° in front of and behind the screen. This means that if you face your own computer and that one of your colleagues is placed directly behind you, you are irradiated on both sides.

3. A lit and then off screen can radiate for several more hours, even if the socket is removed.

It is strongly recommended not to place unprotected in a bedroom, child's room, a vehicle behind a wall where a bed or desk, a place to stay screen 4. Accordingly, a hospital room, etc..

5. In all the above cases, the best solution in all respects (health economics) is to protect yourself by installing the EMF-Bioshield ®-S2 system on each screen (computer and TV) to your home or office.



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