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Protection against the waves generated by WiFi hotspots and cell phones atmosphere GOLD medal 2012 Scientific International Jury.

Electromagnetic pollution thickens around us every day. Your neighbors have their WiFi system, and all emit radiation that passes through walls. You go to the corner cafe or restaurant: they all have WiFi. Take the train or plane, same thing: WiFi is everywhere. No way to escape. For more and more people, the incessant pounding has an unpleasant and sometimes unbearable impact on their health. So much so that some public institutions, and not least, decided to disconnect their WiFi transmitters following multiple complaints from their users. Such is the case of the National Library of France, who renounced in 2008 already!

The sphere resonance EMF-Bioshield ® / WiFi brings relief that many seeking without knowing where to find it. By creating a protective covering against field-surface average apartment, it allows many people become susceptible to electromagnetic waves to get a degree - not to mention a certain degree - normality.

This revolutionary new product has received a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, as well as the FIFA Public recognizing the most useful invention.



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